About US

We are a team of creative dental professionals.

The international Award-Winning team here at Sevil Smile Studio are professionals skilled in; dentistry, smile enhancement, veneers, implants, and general dental aesthetics. We have created smile makeovers for thousands of happy clients giving them a rejuvenated perfect smile.”

“When a smile is as it should be, it makes all the difference in a client’s quality of life. We don’t just transform smiles, we transform lives- and that’s what makes me smile.”

Multi-award-winning cosmetic Dentist Sevil Pekmezci and her team of dental professionals have helped thousands of clients transform their smiles and change their lives for the better.

As a child with a cleft lip and palate, Dentist Sevil Pekmezci knows first-hand what it is like not to have been born with the ideal smile. From early childhood, her loving and supportive parents strived to ensure she had the smile she deserved. This included many surgeries and countless times sat in the dentist’s chair. Over time her fear of visiting the dentist’s diminished, as her confidence grew. This inspired a personal journey to provide the best cosmetic dental care to others.

sevil smile studio
sevil smile studio
sevil smile studio


Our goal at Sevil Smile Studio is to give you a new confident smile makeover, the most important aspect is to achieve a successful healthy and functional result. This is why we evaluate vital elements such as facial and dental composition. We also think it’s a must that everyone’s personality shines through their smile; which is why our team will take you through your own individual consultation, to make sure your smile choice is tailor made to suit you.