£ 5.600

Treatment Plan

10 Upper Jaw SEVIL ELITE WHITE MONO® Full Veneers/Crowns
10 Lower Jaw SEVIL ELITE WHITE MONO® Full Veneers/Crowns



Disliking what they called a ‘gummy’ smile and worn down teeth due to grinding prompted this client to want to improve the appearance of her smile. Uneven and twisted, the central teeth needed reshaping.



We restored her teeth using SEVIL ELITE WHITE MONO®️ Full Veneers/Crowns across the upper and lower jaw. We improved the gum line using gum contouring procedure, giving her a well-shaped and symmetrical bite line and smile. To help with teeth grinding, we provided the client with a custom-made gum shield to help protect the teeth from damage. Jessica could not be more delighted with her bright white smile.



If you’re interested in finding out more information about Sevil Smile makeovers or other treatments we offer, please message our friendly team for a quick response.


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